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The images featured on this Web site are text.

These familiarly vague symbols and figures were born out of a desire to create a new way of conceiving text. More specifically, they are graphemes that comprise what I call the Englyph writing system.

Englyph is a method and associated set of fonts for writing Latin alphabet-based languages in a compressed manner.

The term is a conflation of "English" and "Heiroglyphics," although I allude to those ancient "sacred texts" of Cairo and Yucatan more as sources of inspiration than actual guides for how Englyph was devised.

Englyph grew out of my experimentations with text-based art work, which I found conceptually compelling and historically revolutionary, but also often aesthetically mundane and tethered to the "meaning" of the words featured in the art works.

My innovation was to create alphabetical letters that are discerned by their edges and nested -- each letter inside the preceding one -- to create words.

I sought to push text one step towards abstraction, making something very familiar to literate society unfamiliar again, as if we were learning to read, anew.

Tim Roseborough, April 2011